Angels in my pussy



I posted the above photo on my IG @maatpetrova page with the caption "New Moon in Leo Vibes. Do it big or not at all" promoting my 28 day Moon Magic manifesting program.

I generally get positive feedback because people who follow me know it's not just a look or a show with me. I actually live this Goddess Lifestyle from my soul to my everyday life and I teach women how to own their higher self and lower self in doing so.

Nevertheless, ever not so often I receive opposing views, insults or plain trolling negativity. This one was the latest in response to the above photo.

"Why do people post these overly sexual,  half naked picture and then have something spiritual to say? I never got that."

I would normally erase it and keep it moving as I never take negative or opposing comments personal. It's not my issue, its theirs.

However, this one time I felt compelled to respond mainly because the point I was doing to make, needed more awareness and exposure knowing that her opinion is a common popular opinion in our culture. 

I responded:

"Because my spirit and my sexuality are not two separate entities. I'm a spirit having a human experience so anything I do is of the spirit. There's only different frequencies of the same shit. See? Frequency and shit in the same sentence. #balance #oneness."

Understand,  there's no separation between my spirituality and my sexuality. My body is my temple bih..

There was a time in my life, when I mainly identified with my body, the things I dressed it up with (clothes, jewelry ect), my beauty, and my good pussy. But as I grew into self awareness and black consciousness, I realized how much more powerful I am. That I am a powerful soul having a human experience. Yes my body is a part of me, but I am first spirit, I am heart, I am mind also.

Energy was not created nor can it be destroyed. Thus, we are all different frequencies of the same source of energy. When I identified with my body alone my frequencies were lower, and my life was alot more challenging, with depression,  suicidal ideation, brokenness, lack lack lack..

However, as I rose my vibrations, I experienced more contentment, peace, self acceptance, understanding and wholeness and wealth.

When I identified with just my body,  I would have sex and it would be about the carnal experience. Limited to the bodily pleasure completely depriving myself of what this intimate energy exchange can offer myself and my partner. While my spirit was present, I was unaware of it, the big elephant in the room screaming for attention so I would always feel empty and needy thereafter.

"He didn't text me yet."

Now in my higher holistic self embodiment. My overall life experiences are a hundred fold better and forget about sex. Now that I am connected to the God within me, theres no, God is present when I'm praying,  in church or when something goes occurs. The Higher vibrations are ever present in me every second and is even more pronounced during sacred sex because I'm open.

Yes Angel's live inside of my pussy. The be granting me and my liver wishes when I put those intentions forth during sexual intercourse. How dare you think any less of this life giving magical tunnel of love. 

Bitch my pushy is highly spiritual and intuitive.  She tells me what foods I should eat and when she likes something I've consumed, shell respond with clean balanced smelling juiciness. She tells me when it's time to let a muthafather go and to stop dealing with them and all. Listen... that's why you need to increase your womb awareness as I explained in the Yoni Egg blog. Love yourself and your body and life will mirror that care back to you.

So.....when you're bothered by me in the comfort of my skin while posting nudes, implied nudes, plain old thirst traps with a "self love" quote or me on vacay in a bikini with my three daughters, I'm not the one who needs addressing.  I'm living my life, not causing harm to self or others as said in psychology practices. It's you who needs addressing sweetheart. Your discomfort with your self, the way you critique your body instead of embracing it, or lack of overall self worth causing you to displace those feeling into someone else.

 It's a fact, once you come to a level of self acceptance, and love, you are either complimenting your fellow sister or if you dont necessarily agree with her, you'd stay neutral in judgement and remove yourself from seeing or being amongst this person, or.... you'll personally reach out to her to have a conversation of understanding. You certainly wouldn't insult her or attack her with negatively judgements. 

I do get there are many wombman these days riding the "woke" wave for capital, popularity,  to fulfill their own need for approval and you see the inauthenticity right through them and that can be frustrating but why get mad. That's the part of the journey they are on right now. Move on and attract people like myself who live this goddess lifestyle from my soul's core to my everyday way of life. 

Thank you for the inspiration sis. I take negativity and transmute that bitch into sweet pudding pie😽

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Petrova Lewis