When Your PumPum is Stressed Out !

When your pumpum is stressed out...πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ But let's talk about things that throw off your vaginal pH.



Cigarettes or Nicotine found in your fronto leaf for #marijuana can cause the the DNA of your cervical cells to change making you more susceptible to cervical cancer, Bacterial Vaginosis, Hpv and herpes.

Solution- Stop smoking nicotine products.


Sperm can also change the ph of your vagina weakening it acidic defense system be cause sperm is Alkaline and a healthy Vagina is Acidic at a 3.8-4.5.(The only time your PH should be higher than this is before your Menstrual cycle,  After Menopause and During Sex).Sperm can raise the ph of the vagina causing BV. If you are always getting BV after sex with your man, it means your vaginal immune system is weak.  Thus, your bodies immunity is also weak because you are not eating enough Fresh Vegetables,  Fresh Fruits, herbal teas and water.

Solution- Use Protection. Cut meats, dairy, sugary products, sodas, and eat more fruits, vegetables herbal teas and water. Do a Green juice detox to reset your pallete from those bad eating habit. Under programs on FEMMAGIC.COM 


Summers eve and all the chemical filled feminine products, pads, tampons, douches, soaps will also throw off your Ph annnd cause vaginal dryness, BV, yeast, hysterectomy.

Solution: Stop using them right away. You are risking your health. There are several Natural Feminine Care companies to choose from. FEMMAGIC.COM my company provides #organic Cotton pads, chemical free feminine soapless wash "#Coocheewaa " Ph Restoring oil " #Vagelixir " for vaginal lubrication, Combats BV, Yeast, odor, eczema, and increases your vaginal health and your confidence again.


 It is more expensive to pay for a cure and doctor bills than it is to pay for prevention and health maintenance through plant based eating and Natural Feminine Care products..




Petrova Lewis