It's interesting how everything I did before my healing and increase of self worth, was the total opposite. I was totally void of these boundaries. Before I felt obliged to please everyone, I felt it was my duty to help whoever I empathized with. I would care about disappointing people if I couldn't whether its family, friends, lover or client. With clients I would take whoever would pay the price...

NOW....... I'm almost a fictional social media character in this world because I am extremely selective of who gets the blessing of my time, my presence, my energy, my help and my wisdom. I'm barely present unless you catch me in passing on mommy or personal errands. I don’t care, even on a business level if a particular client wanted to pay double the rate, if I felt they are too heavy, I'm not draining either of our time.

I now know, how to empathize with someone who is too toxic for me to help without stepping in. I realize I have risen people up when they're around me, but their elevation was stabilized by me. Because once they no longer had access to me, everything I did to help them get UP, they lost. Their change was not deep enough beyond the life line I extended. They didn’t make the mental behavioral changes necessary to sustain it. My efforts,  time, money, however I helped them ended up being a waste.

I  understand more and more why celebrities stay amongst each other. It's a vibration!

Master P made a poignant statement about Nipsey being on a higher vibration and losing his life for trying to stay present in the lower vibrations lacking true self preservation. 

Knowing your worth and that everyone isn’t for you and everyone can not feast on your good energy is true self preservation, self care, and self love !

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Petrova Lewis