Womb Magic Atlanta Overnight Retreat
to Jul 28

Womb Magic Atlanta Overnight Retreat

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Weekend RETREAT schedule

Friday, July 26th 2019


Lingerie & Womb Tea

Massages by professional therapist.

Light Dinner ( Note this weekend will entail "light" foods for womb detoxing purposes).

Saturday, July 27th 2019

Light Breakfast ( Irish moss shake, fruits and tea)

Hey Goddess" introduction

Sensual Yogic Flow

Holistic sexuality

Sensual dancing workshop (heels)

Womb massage healing session (10 minutes womb massage one on one for each goddess).

Womb healing Visualization Meditation

Lunch Break (light Alkaline food & womb tea)..

Feminine Sexual Health

Yoni Egg info session

(Free yoni egg of choice to each goddess.)

Yoni egg Cleansing, charging, Insertion for the night ritual

Light Dinner.

Sunday July 28th, 2019

Light breakfast

Waist beading workshop.

Womb dance circle

Gifting Femmagic Luxury boxes with FEMMAGIC PRODUCTS to Attendees

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FEMM Cruise 2019
to Jun 24

FEMM Cruise 2019


FEMMAGIC Movement is all about raising the vibrations with Feminine Divine Energy especially because of the imbalance of masculine attributes in both men and women in today's world everyone can use a little softness, a lil more intuition, a lil more beauty, a lil more holistic sensuality and awareness of all the Goddess traits we all both men and women possess.

Last Year our Theme was the "Goddess Lifestyle " allowing you to delve into the way a goddess maintains emotional balance, the way a goddess eats, treats her fellow brother/sister, the way she gets intune with yoga and meditation and turns up on the dance floor in the name of being your most authentic, self loving version of the goddess you are.

This year the theme is MEET YOUR MAGIC as we take our kings and queens both on a journey to tapping into the magic that is YOU.


Fort Lauderdale. Port Everglade 3pm


Havana Cuba and Cozumel Mexico

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