Coocheewaa 8oz (Subscription)

Coocheewaa 8oz (Subscription)

20.00 every month

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8 oz

NOTE: External use only. Do not insert into vagina.


An all natural toxin free feminine wash with a dainty magical aroma. Coocheewaa meaning coochee wash in ‘inside joke girlfriend terms,’ will cleanse and remove bacteria from your vaginal area without throwing off your pH levels as it is full of  soothing antiseptic essential oils and moisturizing oils to keep her happy, and healthy.


A magical cocoction of 100% natural botanicals for wombmen used to soothe discomfort, irritation, and kill infections. Vagelixir is a supreme aid to all feminine healing matters restoring your reproductive health, balance, and confidence as a woman.

Great as an entire body wash.

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