Green Goddess Juice Program

Green Goddess Juice Program


The Green Goddess 7 day Juice detox is designed to reset your palate, kill any sugar addictions or junk food addictions, and overall counterproductive eating habits.

Based on weight loss by actual participants; if you properly follow the 7-day program, you can expect to loss an estimate of 5-18 lbs. Lose even more with proper exercise at least 3 times of week.


  • You will experience having more physical energy

  • Become more alert

  • Able to handle stress better

  • A more sensitive and amplified food palette

  • Gain mental clarity

  • Feel lighter in mind, body, and spirit.

  • Weight loss

  • Memory retention

  • More focus

  • Spiritual High


  • 2 workout videos

  • Detailed 7 day schedule and detox recipes

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