Money Magic Manifesting Potion

Money Magic Manifesting Potion


Money Magic is a manifesting crystal oil. Money Magic is infused with essential oils and fragrance oils possessing money and opportunity attracting energy and aromatherapy. Its like no other Manifesting oil you’ll find as this Money Magic contains “Green Aventurine” crystals and the roller ball is also made of Green Aventurine!

Green Aventurine crystals attracts money, opportunity, jobs, wealth, healing and it is also a heart chakra crystal because of the green color associated with the heart, it help with heart healing, forgiveness and letting go so you can open up and experience a life full of Abundance, Success and Prosperity!

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Money magic Manifesting oil is used to manifest abundance!

Rub on yourself to attract money and abundance or on your wallet, purse, cards, money candles to attract prosperity. It is infused with real green Aventurine crystals, the gemstone of opportunity!

Comes separate from yoni egg.