Yoni Pearls

Yoni Pearls


Womb vaginal detox cleansing pearls china Herbal women original Tampon

Material 100% herbal
Model 2 GMP logo ,Vaccum package


This is 100% original tampon ! In vacuum packed. Always with fresh date!!!!Product Name: Beautiful life Gynecologic Vaginal Herbal Tampon

Specification: 1.5g/piece
Storage:Sealed,and stored in a dry and ventilated place and away from sunlight.
Production Date: 03/2016
Validity: 24months


Properties: Phytowads of tampons are included into group of natural improving preparations. Wads consist of several tens types of the natural grassy components promoting preventive cleaning of a female organism and disposal of many serious gynecologic diseases. Don’t contain chemical additives. Preventive and medical results are reached thanks to unique property of a preparation flake off, to incorporate and remove outside devitalized cells and pathogenic bacteria. The phytocomponents which are a part of wads, free radicals neutralize, eliminate oxygen starvation of cells, kill and suppress body height and development of bacteria, accelerate an adhesion and improve an angenesis. In addition, when using wads internal secretion is regulated, the hormonal background, a circulation and a metabolism in genitals therefore complexion improves is normalized, folds are smoothed, a nevus pigmentosus disappears.  Set of laboratory researches confirmed that this production is the reliable and safe woman for health.  When using the wad has no expressed smell.

Main Ingredient: angelica, root of a Sophora yellowish, tree pitch “dragon blood”, kontis Chinese, core meadow, camphor, lilac, tannic acacia, rokeburgiya Japanese, incense, cortex of a garnet tree, myrrh, carthamus, turmeric, root of a ginseng, myrrh, safflower, turmeric, ginseng root, carnations, tree pomegranate bark.

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